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Stay awhile and listen

Hey thanks.

It's seriously cool of you to be using this site. I'm a big fan of suggestions, so if you can think of something to be added, I'd love to know what you have in mind.

I'd put my contact information here but there's really no point in putting it out there since, if you're seeing this, you know exactly how to get in touch with me.

But for real, thank you.


Version History

3.1 (02/26/2017)
Cleaned up a ton of back-end PHP
Added theme feature!
3.0 (02/23/2017)
Grand Debut of the News page!
2.1.1 (01/24/2017)
Added WordPress Plugin Deactivator
2.1.0 (01/20/2017)
Added Malware Quarantine
Added Trump and Cumberbatch name replacer scripts to Misc.
2.0.0 (01/04/2017)
Transitioned to new domain, sesevenen.com.
Added shortener feature and shortlink domain s7n.co
1.1.0 (12/29/2016)
Rebuilt some back-end CSS to make the site more mobile-friendly. Still not perfect but I don't want to vomit when I see it on small screens anymore.
1.0.4 (12/29/2016)
Tweaked webcomic scraper functionality. Now more reliable when SMBC's filenames get dumb.
Added "New Query" function to DNS dig results page that will remember your last lookup. No more going back to Tools and typing everything all over again.
1.0.3 (12/21/2016)
Added Tools > DNS Dig Utility
1.0.2 (12/20/2016)
Added titles, alt-text, and extra images to webcomics.
Added Misc > HostGator cPanel script
1.0.1 (12/17/2016)
Added Tools > rot13 + strrev
1.0.0 (12/16/2016)
Added version tracking. Everything on the site at this point was done in no particular order.

Planned Features

If you have suggestions on how to implement these features, don't be shy.

Bookmarks > Host Logins > End Session on Click
Ram mentioned this and sent some example links. Basically add the company's equivalent of "&logout=1" to the href so it ends any session you may have in your browser and gives you a fresh login page.
Tools > Additional Decoders
strrev, rot13, etc. Shouldn't be too crazy to throw together the js functions for those.


Benedict Cumberbatch generator - skelly

URL Shortener Backend - YOURLS

Backend CSS - W3Schools' w3.css plus some tweaks by me.

Reddit and Twitter feeds built using their respective APIs

Webcomics are the property of their creators, clicking on the images will load their homepages. I built an automated scraper to pull newly released comics to local storage so I'm not leeching their bandwidth

News posts are aggregated from a rotating list of sources. Each link is the intellectual property of whatever website you see when you click on it.

"Today's Excuse" feed on the home page is generated from the Bastard Operator From Hell excuse repository.

Everything else was technically by me, but it's safe to say if stackoverflow didn't exist none of this would.