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Bah gawd.

Replace Trump's Name on Webpages

Install this GreaseMonkey script to enjoy a small but entertaining assortment of automatic text replacements on all web pages you visit

  • "Trump" becomes "The Giant Baby"
  • "Donald Trump" becomes "Donnie the Giant Baby"
  • "Donald J Trump" becomes "Donnie Jay, the Giant Baby"
  • "President(-Elect) Donald Trump" becomes "(Future) Glorious Leader His Royal Majesty Donnie, the Giant Baby"
  • Install

Benedict Cumberbatch Generator

Replace Benedict Cumberbatch's Name on Webpages

Like the Cumberbatch names generated above? Install the following userscript in your browser and it'll replace every instance of "Benedict" or "Cumberbatch" you encounter on the web with a better name.


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